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Grass Fed and Pasture Fed Beef

Our multi-generation family farm is nestled in the Missouri Ozark foothills surrounded by beautiful rolling pastures.  Dryer Farms L.L.C. offers high quality grass fed and pasture raised beef.
We are a family farm committed to providing high-quality, healthy meat in a manner that respects God's creation.  Fresh air, plenty of green pasture and sunshine promote a healthy, stress-free lifestyle for our livestock.  The pastures the cattle graze on are managed holistically with rotational grazing. Our grazing management practices provide high quality forage stands, which provide a well balanced nutritional diet for our animals. Practicing a sustainable approach to cattle management and land use here in eastern Missouri, we rotate our cattle from one pasture to the next on a regular basis so they grazing on clean, fresh grass.  We believe these high quality forages result in superior quality food.  Our animals are not given hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or medicated feed or water.  When you buy from Dryer Farms LLC, you can expect to get only the best natural grass fed beef available at the best price.  Contact us at dryer@dryerfarms.com  today if you’re interested in purchasing high quality beef at a reasonable price.   Quarters, halves, and whole beefs are available.

Beef Cut Sheet- Click Here

Our Beef is also sold at Planet Health in Ellisville, Mo

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